Services we provide

In function of your business plan - your needs - your goals - your business strategy



· Find local European distributors, agents to represent/sell your products or services

· Structure a distribution network, Broadband Distributors, Global Online Distributors, Local Online Distributors

· Setup a POS system


Sales and service

· Sales goals and build market share with interesting margins

· Sales costs and profit projections

· Setup a sales office in Europe

· Setup a European service company


Marketing and strategy

· Market analyses and targeting (potential customers, direct and indirect competitors)

· Feasibility study (evaluation of the potential of your product or service)

· Marketing strategy (Awareness, Trial, Repeat, Advocacy - increasing the value of the company brand(s) in the mind of the customer - decision makers)

· Social media (Facebook, Google etc.)


Miscellaneous Service

· Sell you products in your name or our name (starting phase)

· Legal services via an external partner (only for Switzerland)

· Organizing your exhibitions

· Booth design and setup via an external partner

· Find potential suppliers in Europe, Asia, USA 


Technical fields - high tech

Electronics industry

Components, Manufacturing equipment, Testing equipment, Inspection equipment, Communication systems, Miscellaneous manufactured products, Services.


Electrical industry

Components, Manufacturing equipment, Testing equipment, Inspection equipment, Miscellaneous manufactured articles, Services.


Energy and energy saving (heating + cooling, solar, wind) industry

Thermal energy measurement, Components for remote reading, Remote reading systems, Smart metering, Energy storage, Miscellaneous manufactured articles, Energy-saving technologies, Services.


Machine industry

Metal working machines, Machine tools, Industrial robots, Molds (In Mold Lamination - IML, In Mold Decoration - IMD), Miscellaneous manufactured products, Services.


Medical industry (related to homes for elderly people)

Robots, Geolocation equipment, Safety equipment, Communication systems, Miscellaneous manufactured articles, Services.




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